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I've been doing long-distance sessions with Karen steadily for about 5 years now and am so thankful I found her.  Karen is like an energy healer, alternative medicine practitioner, past-life reader, counselor, village wise woman, and the friend that always listens and helps you feel better, all rolled into one.  I first reached out to Karen because of my daughter's heart condition.  Since then, when I tell people my daughter has a heart condition they're always like, "Wow, I wouldn't have known."  I think, "Yeah, it's because of all the energy healing that happens behind the scenes."  From Karen, I've learned everything is connected and there are so many layers/levels to healing.  Aside from my daughter's health, she has helped me with being more confident at work, reducing stress and anxiety, and dealing with problematic people in my life. When I have an issue, Karen helps me understand why it's happening, and more importantly, helps me release the negative energy so I can move on, evolve past it, and ascend to a higher level.  I am ever grateful for Karen and hope she never retires!

Alice L.

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