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Group Sessions

Do you have a common theme you would like to delve deeper into? To find healing and resolution. Working in groups the energy is magnified. Sharing the healing journey with others helps us to reach a deeper understanding of ourselves, as we often mirror one another. A shared experience is often lighter as  we can find humor and awareness in our shared journey.

Contact me and we can talk about  possible themes and ideas for group sessions.

Clase de meditación

Do you organize group sessions? You connect and you love it. But it leaves you feeling drained and overwhelmed?It's normal, because your system can only accommodate a certain amount of information and energy. There is an easy solution. Let me help you with the Pre-inicial cleansing and closing of the group. So everything goes smoothly and you end up looking and feeling like a shining star, full of energy and revitalized. By doing the Pre-inicial cleansing we remove any energetic interference making sure You and your participants stay centered and maintain a deep connection. By assisting you with the closing of the group you will be sure that any excess information or negative energy that has been liberated during the session will be removed completely and safely. Leaving you and the group to enjoy only the benefits and healing produced during the session.

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