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Are you living a life your ancestors could have only dreamed of?

 Healing the wounds of our Ancestors helps us to become a better version of ourselves. We are conditioned by limiting belief systems and fears inherited from our family systems. Many of these belief systems are based on fears to protect us from threats that no longer exist or are no longer vaild in our current lives. Many of these fears will be affecting our nervous systems and we will believe we are following our instincts when making decisions, For instance “my gut just tells me it is the wrong thing to do”. So the fears and experiences of your ancestors could be effecting your decision making and limiting the life you are living. One of my favourite phrases is “ I am livining the dream life of my ancestors"

How can we accomplish that? If you think about it someone who couldn't live there dream life were being restricted in some way. What restrictions do you have in your life? Are they limiting beliefs you have about yourself, about money, about what is possible?

We can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy when it come to the voices in our head. It is important to first create a healthy interior dialogue. Often these voices are from childhood..don't do that , you can't do that, don't make a fool of yourself!

An interesting exercise isto write down what you say to yourself in a day , especially when you are trying to acheive something or do something different. Are you supportive or critical? Now try and remember where that critcal voice came from, a teacher your mother or father? Often the voices in our heads are not our own. Don't argue with the voice just change the words every time you hear them. I love to say cancel, cut, delete!

Then re-word the phrase to something more supportive and positive.

If there are alot of emotions connected to these negative words there may be a trauma or inherited negative belief system. I recommend learning Tapping for these moments. It is a wonderful and effective way to release the built up negative emotions around a belief system and to heal the source. If the trauma is very strong then you should consider getting assistance , Tapping can help your relive minor traumas and see them in a new way, however for deeper traumas it is better to be accompanied by a professional.

When I am channeling I can see, heal and release the traumas without you having to relive them.

These traumas can be from a past experience in this lifetime or from a past life. When they are from a past life they leave a kind of wound in our soul that conditions how we see ourselves in this life time. If it's an inherited unrersolved trauma from an ancestor we seem attract to attract similar circumstances until the trauma is acknowledged and healed, That can often occur by healing the negative belief systems caused by the intitial incident and being able to speak aboutwhat has occured. Often traumas are inherited because they were kept secret because of shame. So bringing compassion and healing to these situaciones can bring about incredible healing moments within the whole family system. I once worked with a women who had been sexually abused as an adolescent. She felt so much shame about the event she never told anyone. After we worked on the initial trauma and the inherited trauma from her mother she was able to tell a friend about what had happened without feeling any shame or negative emotions. She told me she found out that the same day she had talked to her friend her own daughter opened up to some friends about a similar experience she had had. She told her mother the next day. She was able to support her daughter in a way she wouldn't have been able to before. They were both able to have resolution and healed any possiblity of this trauma occuring again.

By searching out these ancestral traumas and negative belief systems we take control of our lives. We can become conscious co-creators. Creating the life we have always dreamed of!

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