JUL 30 2020

As a spiritual person, I figured I’d either forgiven or let go of certain key traumatic moments in my life where I was psychically and emotionally harmed, but it makes sense that my adult triggers could still be traced back to these events that were far from fully healed. At these tender moments, in walks Karen with her healing medicine that did not require me to fully re-experience them. Instead, Karen introduced powerful new images and information that transformed these memories into something a lot more empowering, which of course had a positive change on my behavior in the present. What a gift indeed!

-       Scott Ware, Radiance Multidimensional Media


Scott Ware

President, Editor-in-Chief


AUG 16 2020

Karen Sommers is an extraordinary healer. She is a clear channel when facilitating the healing process. Her experience in various modalities combined with her intuitive gifts lend for deep soul healing. I have had several sessions with Karen and I recommend her all the time. She has helped me find the root source of the pain, fear or ailment each time. My body feels the shifts immediately and this results in great relief. I am an energy healer myself, but Karen is who I go to when I need help. 

Maria Lomeli, 
Reiki Master and 
QHHT practitioner