Session online

Distance healing works almost the same as in person healing.


Karen offers Readings, Tapping & Healing Sessions over the internet (skype) or by phone.


She combines her psychic senses & her Angelic connection with her professional training to help you find your path to peace, health, healing & happiness and loving yourself.


Advantage: you can stay at your place and don't have to come to La Gomera to participate.


Counseling Session online


Counseling sessions will allow you to heal in a space of allowing and compassion.



 Karen will work with you to remove old emotional blocks & patterns that stop you creating that life you desire.


Helping you to attract positive experiences & people into your life, creating more harmony and balance every day.

How to reserve:

1. Tell Karen in which online Session you are interested by skype or email.



Skype Me�!


2. She will contact you to organize the details and answer any questions you might have.




Here you can pay the agreed costs via PayPal or credit card:

3. At the agreed time you connect for the session.



Skype Me�!