The First Visit


What happens?



When you consult with an acupunturist your medical history and present symptoms are assessed.


However diverse your symptoms might seem, they are clues the acupunturist


uses to determine a pattern of energetic imbalance.


Additional information is taken from oriental pulse diagnosis as well as facial and tongue diagnosis.



The patient's history, symptoms and the acupunturlst's observations are then combined to distinguish more clearly the qualities of disharmony. Appropriate treatment can then proceed.





Most people find acupuncture very comfortable.


The insertion of hair fine needles (approximetly one-tenth the circunference of a needle used for injections) often cannot be felt. The needle is then carefully manipulated to obtain a characteristic tingling or radiation sensation. This is called "getting the Qi”.



A typicaltreatment involves the insertion of five to fifteen needles. Usually treatments last up to an hour. This is almost always a time of deep relaxation for the patient. Often beneflcial results are obtained with the first few treatments.




This is contingent, of course, on the patient's health imbalance. Acupuncture is cumulative in its effect so adherence to the program you and your acupuncturist have decided upon will render the most benefits.