Acupuncture is an ancient oriental medical system used effectively for over six thousand years.



The tennants of acupunture are very different from western allopathic medicine.



There is increasing recognition of the success this system has in obtaining and maintaining health, as well as eliminating pain.




Based on traditional texts and a culmination of continuous clinical research, acupuncture is found to be effective in stimulating a return to normal function in every physiological system in the body.




The philosophy of acupunture is that the body maintains health by way of a dynamic circulation of energy (known as Qi) through specific pathways called meridians.




When Qi is imbalanced, disease or disharmony occurs along the meridian or an associated organ.




The acupunturist re~regulates the flow of Qi via hair

fine needles placed at designated points along the meridians.



Heat therapy (moxabustion) and herbal therapy might be important adjuncts to the acupuncture treatment.